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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

ONE-DAY Laser Package for Pores & Blackheads on the Nose

Pressed for time but looking for the best possible results to shrink pores and remove blackheads? We have a comprehensive treatment package that might just suit you, if you're planning a short trip to Seoul. If you live in Korea, all the more better because this package will yield even better results with multiple sessions!
1. Aqua Peel for Pore Cleansing

The first thing you want to do before shrinking pores, is to remove all the blackheads, oil, and impurities that are clogging them up. Aqua Peel uses three different solutions: the first one dissolves dust and impurities, the second one dissolves oil and blackheads, and the third solution provides vitamins and nutrients into the skin. The hand-tip of AquaPeel is a suction that vacuums up all the gunk that has been dissolved, leaving your pores clear and fresh, all ready for laser treatment.

Price for nose: 100,000 KRW

2. Radiofrequency for Sebaceous Gland Destruction

INNO Plus+ is a treatment which uses a special patented needle pen. This needle emits radiofrequency into each individual pores, which does two things: 1. destroy the sebaceous gland underneath which produces oil which in turn creates blackheads and enlarges pores 2. trigger collagen regeneration to shrink pores. Since the needle is so small, there is little to no downtime after this treatment, and no side effects. And because this treatment targets each enlarged pore directly. it could be considered more effective than simple standard pore/acne scar lasers known as fractional laser, also provided below.

Price for nose: 300,000 KRW

3. Fractional Laser

When our skin is wounded, it automatically regenerates to heal itself. Using this property, fractional laser uses thousands of microscopic laser beams to make tiny invisible wounds on the skin, to start the self-healing regeneration process. Treatment may leave the skin a bit red and sensitive for a few days, but patients can wear makeup and still return to their daily activities right away.

Price for nose: 200,000 KRW

All three treatments together on the nose costs 500,000 KRW. Don't miss out and contact us today for consultation!

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