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Thursday, January 12, 2017

January Promotion: LDM waterdrop lifting and Arneb Laser in Seoul Korea!

 Winter is here, even though the days are still cold and dry/ tightness here in Seoul! This is season where everyone is battling dry and tightness skin, where our faces are making troubles from heaters in office or home. For those of us fortunate enough to be let in on the secret there are treatments that you can keep your skin moisturizing, fresh, smooth. This January our promotion will be a package treatment that can hep face lifting, moisturizing, and also can help reduce enlarged pores with Arneb laser and plus, deep cleansing and velvet mask.

1. LDM water-drop lifting

LDM water-drop lifting makes a balance of the cells in the skin to relieve skin troubles and amplify the collagen producing enzyme to make more young and healthy skin. 

It makes to produce collagen continuously and break down aging- collagen to help distribute the production of new fiber blasts. 


Arneb is an excellent face lifting equipment for fine wrinkles, pore contraction, tone and elasticity improvement, and acne treatment. 

By adding the pneumatic system to the existing high-frequency diode laser compound method, the Arneb laser keeps energy from unnecessarily moving and instead concentrates in on the exact target, reducing side effects and increasing treatment effects.

3. Deep Cleansing
Deep cleansing helps to remove sebum, wastes, and follicles from deep pores in the skin. It's safe to treat for sensitive skin by using the exclusive cleanser from dermatology.


Velvet Mask is a 100% collagen mask that traps moisture within the skin and has soothing, cooling, whitening and skin rejuvenating properties. Though the results are not permanent, the one session can leave your face considerably brighter and refreshed! 

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