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Friday, August 11, 2017

Scar Revision Treatment; New Technical Scar: DNA-Self corium

There are a lot of types of scar; Accident & Surgical scar, Contracture scar, other scar like chicken pox scar, nail marks, and other light wounds that easily occur in daily life.  Here is types of scar below. Then I will explain every single scar on the face and body and also how we can treat it.

First, When we have Accident suddenly in our life, we might got the Accident scar or Surgical scar. The scar left in various shape and size on the face and even body. They are suffering from the scar in daily life and they want to remove them. Renewme has DNA Self-corium treatment for Scar revision treatment that is possible to treat a wide range of scars that left after surgery and treatment.
Second, Contracture scar is called burned scar, When your skin has been burned, the scar appears in different forms depending on different factors like temperature, exposure time, and depth of burn etc. It could affected to the shape and length of scar. Also, other scars like chicken pox, Nail marks and light wounds that can be treated by DNA self-corium for several sessions. 

1)  DNA Self Corium

DNA self-corium is an treatment for the depressed scar from Acne. The doctor injects CO2 laser to make air pocket into the skin dermal layer. Then the doctor inject DNA solution with H.A to make new collagen into the skin; damaged and depressed skin to improve the area.  It is also help your Acne scar and other scar like Accident, Surgical, Nail marks etc. 

2)  Frequency Needle

Frequency Needle uses  a special patented needle and treatment for Acne scar under the skin. The needle cuts off tangles tissues that hold down the skin, while the radiofrequency riggers collagen production to regenerate new skin. It's effective for Acne scar, Scars for tightening and lifting.  It help the scar inside of skin. 

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