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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Thermi-RF to remodel new collagen with radiofrequency energy

This is renewme skin clinic. During winter, people need for sagging skin with no tighten. so we recommend the new technique of lifting treatment called THERMI-RF.  The treatment has more strength than other lifting laser like Ultherapy and thermage treatment.  Thermi RF is a unique temperature controlled radio frequency technology designed to safely produce through the science of heat. It's advance real time temperature monitoring to apply soft tissue for lifting.

Thermi RF FDA approved
Combination precision temperature control with temperature monitoring 

 Best Cosmetics Technology
 at My Face My Body Awards 2016 in both Australia and the United States

 Best Multi-Use Technology in The Aesthetic Industry Awards 2016

Wrinkle, Tighten, lifting Thermi RF

What is Thermi RF?

Thermi-RF is a skin tightening and lifting treatment using radiofrequency energy. The tiny probe is inserted underneath the skin and is used to heat radiofrequency energy in layer of the target area. At the temperature range in the deep dermis, collagen production in your skin is dramatically increased and stimulates new collagen regeneration and tightens sagging skin The results are skin firmer, tighter, more elasticity.

What is the principle of Thermi RF?

RENEWME SKIN Thermi RF Change of skin surface by Radiofrequency

RENEWME SKIN Thermi RF  Change of dermis layer by Radiofrequency

The tiny needle is inserted underneath the skin from radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen
and to help wrinkle repair, skin tightening, skin elasticity and lifting effects.

What is the advantages of Thermi RF?

1. Deliver radio-frequency energy safety and efficacy
2. Wrinkle, Fine lines improvemnt
3. Collagen production & Regeneration
4. Skin tightening effects
5. Last skin tighten effects longer
6. Return right back to their daily routine life

Wrinkle / Tighten / Lifting Renewme Skin clinic Thermi RF! 

If you have any questions about Thermi RF,  feel free to contact us via messenger.

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