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Friday, October 2, 2015

Korea Skin Whitening Vitamin Facial - Vitaliont

Facials and skin treatments in Korea are pretty big; and if you don't have any particular skin problems, but are just looking for something that might help you to achieve brighter and healthier skin, Vitaliont might be perfect for you. This facial is usually paired with laser toning sessions, for patients treating pigmentation with laser, but as a regular facial this is great way to treat yourself while you're visiting one of the biggest cosmetic capitals in the world.

Also known as iontophoresis treatment, Vitaliont uses electric currents to deliver vitamin C into the skin.  This is the standard whitening facial at our clinic mainly due to the antioxidant and mild whitening properties of vitamin C. In case you are curious about what the whole facial procedure is like, I received the treatment myself to show you and explain all the steps.

First we start off with regular cleansing, to remove the impurities from the skin.

Next up is cleansing part two: a solution made from enzyme powders is brushed and massaged lightly into the face, to exfoliate and cleanse more deeply. 

Dat foam though! Look at those enzymes working, doing their thing!

Afterwards, the solution is cleaned off with a warm and damp towel, then finished with an even distribution of toner.

Now comes the fun part - Vitaliont! As you can see, the patient receiving treatment needs to hold on to a hand piece, wrapped around with a damp sponge to increase conductivity and to protect the skin from possible shock (which doesn't really happen). During the treatment I could feel slight pulses in my hand but nothing particular other than that.

The procedure itself was not very painful - on a scale from one to ten, I would rate it approximately 2 or 3. However, since my skin is on the relatively sensitive side, I did feel a stinging sensation on my face that lasted for a couple of hours afterward. But this did nothing to my appearance and it was the tiniest discomfort ever, so I wouldn't really count this as downtime. 

Some phototherapy to soothe and relax the skin afterward. ^^

The last soothing treatment is the Velvet Mask, a sheet mask that is quite extraordinary and not the type you usually find in cosmetic shops. A sheet of what seems like felt, is cut to match the size of your face. When it meets water, via a wet sponge, the papery substance turns transparent and sticks to your skin, letting it absorb all the nutrients and moisture. The texture of this transparent pack feel soft and velvety, which I where I'm guessing the name comes from.

The aesthetician then pushes out all the air from underneath so that your skin can absorb as much as possible. You're not allowed to talk or open your mouth, since that would cause more air to come between your skin and the mask. Stay like this for about 30-40 minutes. This mask is great in soothing, whitening, skin regenerating, and moisturizing. The perfect finish to any facial!

And finally, some application of Renewme Cosmetic moisturizer and sunscreen. I really recommend Renewme Cosmetics not because I work for the clinic, but because it's actually quite nice and I use it at home too. The moisturizer is mild, and while it doesn't smell that nice it's still free of harmful chemicals such as paraben, and does a good job of soothing and hydrating my skin. And the sunscreen also has whitening properties, so that even without BB cream or foundation I can still brighten up my face naturally, and with sun protection. That's killing two birds with one stone! Below are my before and after photos; the lighting is different, true, but the treatment did leave me a little paler. It was a little bit hard to adjust to, to be honest, because skin tone is relatively darker and I'm just so used to being tan. >_<

What's more, I can feel my overall skin condition has improved the next day. As soon as I washed my face and looked in the mirror to apply my moisturizer, I could tell that my face isn't so dull anymore, and my foundation applies a lot better. My acne and breakouts are still there, unfortunately, but my face is softer to touch and looks softer too.

For a limited time, we are offering free sunscreen for one session of Vitaliont, at 200,000 KRW total! Contact us and book your appointment today.

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