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Monday, May 15, 2017

Don't use any cream for Athelet's foot! Get pin-point laser treatment!

Hello everyone! we'd like to talk about Athlete's foot (Tinea Pedis) today. 
Normally, people who are taking on the high-feel in 20~30's age. Nowadays, women also have Athlete's foot like men do have. As we know, we can treat Tinea Pedis by using ointment like cream, but women who have breast-feeding can't take medicine and use ointment as well. Sometimes, it's harmful to people who have liver problems on health problem.  But, Don't worry about it! 
we have laser, pin-point for Athlete's foot without medicine and ointment. 

What is Athlete's foot? 

Athlete's foot is a injection disease that caused by virus and germ on nails. 
After diagnosis from dermatologists, we recommend to have proper treatment depending on the symptoms and process of Athlete's foot for the patients.

Who needs for the treatment? 

- Yellow spots and sprite on the nail
- Turns color to brown and gray on finger & toe nails
- Keep painful and pull off the nails well
-Have smell and get the white power from the nail
- Keep making the thickness and is distorted
- Uneven and bumpy on the edge of nails

If you have more than 1 above, you might have Athlete's foot. 

Athlete's foot of Finger & Toe nails 
What is Pin-point laser? 

The laser Pin-point is the latest treatment for Athlete;s foot (Tinea Pedis). 
The laser is irradiated area of targeted area from Tinea-peids on finger or toe nail and destory the fungus and virus on the area. The laser helps the fugus a& virus on the nails to destroy without painful and  makes clean and healthy nails grow with no damage surrounding skin tissue. 

The laser is used to kill the common fungi causing Tinea peids by passing a temperature above 65 degrees.However, Tinea pedis is irradiated the same area repeatedly if it doesn't reach on 65 degree. 
The temperature of skin tissue may rise around the toe nails and it will cause burns if it requires more higher than 65 degrees.  But, Pin-point laser can generate on 79 degrees at only one time for enough energy to kill fungus on the nails. 

It's simple treatment that takes few minutes to treat it in our clinic. 
There is no numbing cream and irritated to targeted area of Athlete's foot. 
If you are busy, it's totally okay to have quick treatment in our clinic. 

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Treatment for Tinea Pedis (Athlete's foot)
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