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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Lifting for under Eye bags & Dark circles

Hello everyone! How's your golden week? After the golden week, we might be tired from holiday because we just got back to the work right after the week. Some people are tired and get more dark circle on the under eye. 

Also, they might happen for sagging down around their eyes. So, Renewme bring some solutions for you guys!  Don't stress out for dark circle and eye bags. Here is our treatments! check it out! 

Minimally Invasive treatment!!
Improves Dark Circles!!!
Brightening effects More!!

Radio-frequencty needle Treatment COMING!!
Visible Anti-aging & wrinkle around the eyes!
Do you think that you need to have lifting ?!
Here is  3 methods treatment for you!

1. 'Radio-frequency needle' 

is a intra-dermal procedure. A needle is inserted into the dermal layer to stimulate collagen regeneration. The results are tightened and rejuvenated skin from within. 

2. 'Shurink, Excel V, Filler ' 

Dark-circle and under eye bags is caused by Anti-aging and other reasons.
We recommend 3 types of treatments together for skin elasticity and vein and sunken area. The sunken area causes deep shadows that make under-eye circles look more darker. The filler fills in the area leaving brighter and less tired looking eyes!

Also, It causes by vascular condition that can be treated by Excel v laser. The laser is used for a wide range of treatment like dark circle, spider veins, rosacea and so on. 

Applicable Areas

                         BEFORE & AFTER

Renew Me Skin Clinic 
Lifting for under-eye bags and dark circles
Upcoming summer More healthy and beautiful ~!

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