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Friday, January 5, 2018

Most Advanced Pico and Nano Enlighten laser for Tattoo removal & Hyperpigmentation

The Most Advanced laser Technology with optimal Wavelength for Hyper-pigment and Tattoo removal. It uses Dual wavelengths laser toning that 532NM for epidermal pigmented lesions and 1064NM wavelength for dermal pigmented lesions. It is different from traditional laser and picolaser. It is safe and approved by FDA, United States for all skin types. Enlighten laser has both pico and nano laser that is a thousand times faster than original nano laser speed.

The combined with pico and nano second laser is optimized for tattoo removal, melasema, and hyper pigment and minimizes the risks of side effects after laser treatment. It is also dual pico mode for Tattoo removal and hyper pigment from most powerful laser as Enlighten Pico laser. 

Most lasers of tattoo removal and pigment is operated at the speed of nano second. But, Renewme Skin Clinic has Enlighten laser to perform instantly to shatter the pigments into tiny ones. It's possible to achieve the smaller pigment particle with few sessions rapidly and effectively. 

Tattoo removal has many cases that used to be hard to be treated due to overwhelming pain. While the laser destroys the pigments, the heat is emitted and influenced on the surrounding tissues which consequently induces the pain. The pain will be aggravated as the time goes by. Enlighen laser for Tattoo removal is performed in pico second unti and it effects to reduce on the largest degree and minimal painful.


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