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Monday, January 29, 2018

Thermi RF Live Seminar with Rachelle from Clinical support in United States

The newest is Thermi RF in Renewme Skin Clinic. It uses radio-frequency needle for skin tightineing, lifting. Thermi RF is apporved by FDA in the States. It's already popular in the States, but it's not common and takes only 3-4 months to come out Thermi RF in Korea.  The purpose of Thermi RF is effective for face lifting and even body lifting. This treatment set up optimal treatment and monitoring for skin temperature through infrared ray camera.  

After 2 months later, the result shows dramatically. After 1 session, it will last more than 2 years long

Thermi RF is applied to face, neck, arms, thighs, and knees to see effective results for each area.

During the seminar,  Rachelle who is working at clinical support in United States discussed about Thermi RF and shard information with Renewme doctors.  Also, our friends came to have treatment for Thermi RF for Neck Line and Chin area from sagging on her ages.

One of friends was ready to have treatment during the seminar. Actually, she is one of doctor's mother. She participated and helped us for Thermi RF. First, we set up Infrared Ray camera. 
We give the patient Local Anesthesia for painless during the procedures. 

Rachelle and Renewme Doctors kept checking her facial temperature through the camera. 

Renewme Doctors tried to have Thermi Tight continuously. The clinical support, Rachelle helped how to use Thermi RF and let us know the cautions from procedure. 

 Dr. Ha and Yang tried to have Thermi Tight for double chin area. The paitent had sagging on her chin and neck. The procedure takes about 40 minutes for three areas. After treatment, she had swelling right after treatments, but she keeps having cooling on her face, so it subside soon.

After face area, another patient does chin and Belly for Thermi RF.  We set Infrared Ray first. It was ready to have Thermi right for another patient. 

Thermi Tight helps for tightening on Belly and takes about only 10 minutes for chin, and more time for belly than chin on face area. 

We have great experience with Rachelle during the seminar. It was really good time to discuss ThermiRF with her and shared our information.  Thank you for Rachelle! 

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