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Friday, May 18, 2018

Patient review for Forehead Filler

Hello, everyone, Renewme had a regular seminar every year. Our doctors had several different treatments like filler, botox, thread lifting, and other treatments. One of our staffs had filler for her forehead. She is 20's age and worried about sunken her forehead. It makes her look like her eyebrow bone protrude from her face. So our doctors recommend her to have filler treatment. 

This photo is that she has sunken forehead when we see her side of the forehead on the face. In the front, she doesn't have any volume on her face, so it looks like flat and makes her facial expression angry.

This photo is about after 1 month later, she has more volume and balances her face. After 1 month, filler treatment makes more naturally and make her face more contouring. She is also satisfied with her results.

This is before and after photo for the side of the forehead on her face. you can see exactly more contouring and younger than before. Sometimes patients don't want to have unnatural face from filler treatment, but Renewme doctors are broad certified dermatologist who knows best about your skin structure and the est techniques for injecting filler safely.

Also, Renewme uses a hyaluronic acid that naturally exists in our bodies. It can be applied to a variety of purposes like wrinkle removal, heightening the bose bridges, adding volume to the lips, face and filling dents and regenerating skin cells to restore youth.

Advantages of Filler
- Patients can immediately return to their daily routine
- Procedure time of approximately 10 minutes
- No swelling and bruising
- Affordable procedure fees
- Effects last for up to 24months

If you are interested in filler treatment, feel free to contact us via messenger below.

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