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Monday, May 14, 2018

Patient review for Thread lifting and Filler

Hello everyone, we have NEW thread lifting treatment. I will show the review of a patient who has filler and thread lifting, Kevan on her face. We have 5 types of thread lifting and doctors recommend which thread is suitable for your case. We have Midas lift (Ultra v lifting), Volume thread ( Kevan lifting), Slim Spine thread (Fox lifting), Molding spiral thread (Blue rose, consultina lifting), and Silhoutette soft. Also, it's better to combine with filler treatment if you want to have lifting and sunken area. 

This is the photo before treatment. As overall, she has sunken area under the eye and she looks tired and she doesn't have a good expression on her face. she also has little wrinkles a lot around her eyes with dark skin. she has a flat forehead and lower nose bridge.

 After checking her face, our doctor from renewme recommends filler and thread lifting. She needs forehead and nose filler to make a volume on her face and she needs to have thread lifting to make volume on wrinkles improvement around her eyes with thread lifting, Kevan threads. 
This is the photo after treatment in April. 

It improves dark circle and wrinkles around the eyes and even changes the volume on the sunken area. Can you see her oral forehead and straight nose after thread lifting and filler? We can see the improvement in this photo. 

After We can see her improvement and it helps her skin regenerate collagen and skin tone as well. Also, it improves her elasticity on her face with her volume under eyes. If anyone who doesn't have dark circles compared to before, they will look younger than before. So, if someone who wants to look younger, we recommend them to have a consultation at renewme skin.! 

 Volume thread(Kevan thread)

Kevan lifting is effective in lifting sagging skin by inserting a spring shaped melting thread and filling with a volume on the sunken area. It makes the skin more elasticity with the spring's resiliency force. Even though the thread melted aways, those effects will last for a long because of regenerating skin inside of the spring to fill the space in the face.

Advantages of Renewme Thread lifting 

- Increase elasticity 
- Improve your skin tone 
- Lifting and volume up for sagging area
- Effective double chin lifting 
- strong elasticity with wrinkle improvement

If you are interested in thread lifting, feel free to contact us via messenger below.

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