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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Misconceptions About Dermatology Procedures

To jump right in, the two most commonly asked questions/misconceptions about treatments at a dermatology clinic may be the following:

1. Won't laser treatments make your skin thinner?
2. Won't my wrinkles become deeper if I take botox once and don't maintain with regular injections?

Well, the short answer is NO. You really don't need to worry, and here is why:

TRUTH #1: Laser treatments might make your skin a little dry at first, but it will NOT make your skin thinner.

Lasers might make your skin a little sensitive for a while, and you might feel temporary dryness. In such cases it is highly recommended that you apply plenty of moisturizer or rejuvenating creams. We would also advise you to avoid direct strong sunlight, sauna, and alcohol consumption for about a week or two.

Our doctors maintain their own skin with regular laser treatments such as Excel V, IPL, laser toning, Thermage, Shurink, and such. These lasers are all suitable even for sensitive skin types.

Our skin tends to thin as we age, since our collagen production decreases. Laser treatments help to regenerate collagen, so you would actually notice your skin thickening and becoming tighter as a result.

TRUTH #2: Botox will never cause more wrinkles.

Everyone gets wrinkles with age. Botox injections can help prevent this by restricting muscle movement that makes wrinkles form. Ceasing botox injections can make the wrinkles form again, but not more than you already had. And after longer periods of no botox, wrinkles can become deeper as you age, but this is not related to botox in any way.

Another reason you might think the post-botox wrinkles may appear deeper is that patients become accustomed to their face while the botox takes effect, and forget what the wrinkles had looked like before. So once the wrinkles appear again they might be a bit hard to adjust to.

Botox injections can prevent wrinkles becoming deeper, not cause them. Our doctors also maintain their facial lines with regular botox injections.

So don't worry too much, and feel free to consult our dermatology specialists if you have any more concerns before treatment! ;-)

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