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Monday, April 25, 2016

Tip for Preventing Acne - Clean Your Makeup Brushes!

The air quality in Korea is pretty bad (to say the least) these days. During spring, when the weather should be crisp and sunny, we've got dust particles and sand blowing in from China, clouding up the air and polluting our lungs. Sometimes it gets so bad that the forecast issues warnings to stay indoors, or wear a mask if you need to go outside.

These preventative measures are sometimes not good enough, though. In extreme cases, you are advised to change your clothes and brush yourself down after you get home, wash your hands even more frequently, and so forth. Thorough cleansing is a must as well; these dust particles are so tiny, sometimes even masks are not enough to keep them from entering your lungs. Imagine what these would do if they clogged up your pores as well?

You might already think you're already pretty through with your cleansing routine. However, there might be some of you who have not extended the same care and attention to your makeup brushes as well. Yep, that's right. Feeling guilty, anyone?

Cleaning your makeup brushes is essential to maintaining healthy skin. This applies especially to any time of foundation/concealer applicator such as brushes, or even sponges and puffers. Unlike cake/powder type makeup, foundation and conceals contain a lot more oil. When left on the brush for too long, it can attract more pollutants and bacteria, ultimately resulting in breakouts and acne on the skin. Furthermore, if the foundation hardens it can damage the brush itself as well.

So what is the best way to clean your brushes? You can purchase a professional brush cleaner, or just use your average foam cleanser or any neutral detergent. It's better not to use cleansing oils because you want to remove the excess oils from your makeup products.

Lather up your brushes and remember to rinse well. It's also a good idea to remove the excess makeup with a tissue before using the cleanser or detergent. Remember to dry thoroughly before reusing. And as for intervals, cleaning your brushes would be recommended every 10 days or so.

Yes, ladies, it is quite a chore, to wash your brushes this regularly, but you gotta do what you gotta do if you want flawless and beautiful skin. If your skin is especially sensitive and susceptible to breakouts, this is an even bigger must for you. Little habits like these are what keep your skin in check! ;)

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