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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Treatments at Renewme Skin Clinic Korea to Prepare for Summer

Yay it's April already! Spring is really just around the corner, right? Time to start pampering and get ready for spring weather!!!

...said no one ever. To be honest, we, especially us ladies, don't really "prepare" anything in particular for spring. The weather is lovely and warm, and we find ourselves spending more time outside, spirits uplifted, feeling all fresh and invigorated as we see plants and blossoms bursting with life, clothes getting considerably brighter and lighter, etc. etc. It's perfect the way it is.

However, summer is the weather that all worries us. For some, it means BEACH SEASON (woot!!!) which means it is time to rock the swimsuit you bought online months ago and some crash dieting (not recommended, people, please remember to eat HEALTHY!) to make that bikini body. For some, it just means exposing more skin, which is already a discomfort. For others, it can just mean blasting heat, more sun spots, sun burns, icky sticky sweat, and everything irritating and annoying about summer which I am sure most of us can relate.

Why couldn't the weather be pleasant like April all year round? Sigh...

Well, since summer is inevitable and about to hit Seoul pretty soon, why not prepare in advance? Little things can go a long way, so here are few treatments you might want to consider beforehand.

1. Botox for Hyperhidrosis
This is something that really bothers me; sweaty armpits. Even in the winter! When you feel your underarms growing moist it can get really uncomfortable and not very pleasant. The good news is, a simple series of botox injections can stop a lot of the sweating! Bear in mind the results only last for a few months, but it should last long enough to get you through the worst couple of months for summer. If you live in a tropical region where it's summer all year round, you can consider regular injections every 4-5 months or so.

2. Cosmetic Products
Buy a set of cosmetic products from Renewme's own product line, at 99,000 KRW! Sun screen is so obvious; I mean, you need to protect your skin from harsh UV rays especially during intense summers. Moisturizer and Omega sheet masks can help soothe and relax your skin after it's been out in the heat all day.

3. Underarm Whitening (Laser Toning)
Darkened and discolored underarms are super annoying because they have nothing to do with your person hygiene or hair. You might shave/wax regularly (or have them lasered off) and shower everyday, but the discoloration might make people assume otherwise. It can make your conscious about wearing sleeveless clothes in the summer. If you're living in Korea, weekly sessions of laser toning (at least 5-10 sessions) can leave with you with brightened and refreshed pits. Flash em, girl!

4. Cryolipolysis
This is a perfect opportunity for you to get rid of that small belly pouch you acquired last Christmas and still didn't manage to shed off. Cryolipolysis is a machine that can selectively freeze your fat cells in targeted areas such as the abdomen, love handles, thighs, arms etc. Downtime is minimal, procedure is non-invasive, and results are not so bad! Remove fat in stubborn areas, and feel coool while you're at it! Even better when the weather is increasingly warmer these days!

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