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Friday, May 27, 2016

Mini-Liposuction for Slimmer Thighs QUICK

The month of May is rapidly coming to an end, and in Seoul the temperatures have already hit the low thirties. This also means that sleeves and pants are getting shorter and shorter... which might make us start panicking because we haven't shed the body fat accumulated over the winter. 

Have no fear, friends: mini-liposuction at Renewme Skin Clinic extracts fat directly from targeted areas, without general anesthesia or sedation! This means you can see results fast - within about a week or two to be exact. What's even better, the solution injected to dissolve the fat will keep working for about a month, which means you may experience size reduction over the next 3-4 weeks as well!

Here's a patient who saw 3-4 centimeters size reduction in her thighs:

This procedure can apply to areas such as the abdomen, arms, love handles, and buttocks.

How simple is mini-liposuction? The procedure would be done in under an hour and goes a little like this:

Looks pretty simple and straightforward, if you ask me. If you're wondering about what the advantages of mini-liposuction are, compared to traditional liposuction:

1. Minimal downtime: patients can return to their daily activities without being confined to a bed.
2. Short procedure time: you can fit this procedure into your busy schedule.
3. Local anesthesia: sedation or general anesthesia is not required.
4. No compression required: no uncomfortable compression bandages or clothing needed afterwards!

Another plus: you know that the fat loss results are real, because you can confirm the removed fat with your own two eyes immediately after the procedure!

Price is determined by one bottle (the photo above shows four), which extracts 60 ml of fat. Consult our doctors to see how many bottles are recommended for you before deciding on treatment? Slim down your body line and prepare yourself for this upcoming summer. ;)

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