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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Velvet Mask - Instant Whitening Facial in Korea

A porcelain white face is a standard of beauty in a lot of Asian countries, and whitening treatments are one of the most frequently asked programs at our clinic, no exception. Many clinics and cosmetic companies are constantly researching and developing products/treatments that can make the skin brighter and lighter. Changing the skin tone, of course, is not an easy task and there is no permanent one-day treatment for it. However, today we'd like to introduce the Velvet Mask - a facial mask that can brighten your face instantly and we have photos to show!

Here we took a sample of Velvet Mask and applied it to the hand instead of the face. We applied water and waited for 30 minutes - and look at the results on the right!

What? You'd think they were tan lines, right? But it's actually the other way around; the strip of skin became whiter, making the rest of the hand look darker in comparison!

As you can see, the results are not drastic, but the Velvet Mask does in fact make your skin noticeably brighter. Come to Renewme Skin Clinic regularly for this facial, and your face will end up looking radiant!

Velvet Mask is a 100% collagen mask that traps moisture within the skin and has soothing, cooling, whitening, and skin rejuvenating properties. Once the sheet is cut to match your facial shape, water is applied to give the sheet mask its velvety feel, after which you need to wait for about 30-40 minutes. This is different from the cheap sheet masks you buy in the streets, people! It requires the aid of a professional aesthetician and plenty of patience.

Stop by today for a session of Velvet Mask!

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