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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Burning Fat? No, FREEZING Fat! How to Lose Fat Using COLD

When we think of losing weight, or fat, we normally associate it with "heat." We burn fat and calories, by raising our body temperature whether it be by aerobic exercises or sauna or the like. We feel like we need to sweat to make a difference in our body shape.

But here's a procedure that works the other way around: freezing fat cells instead of burning!

CRYOLIPOLYSIS selectively freezes fat cells without any anesthesia or injections - a completely non-invasive treatment. Fat cells are destroyed when exposed to cold, and using this principle, Cryolipo lowers the temperature of the treatment area and matches it to just the right extent to kill fat cells but not damage any other surrounding tissues. The fat cells are discharged through urine and sweat.

Real handpieces have curves!

Thanks to upgrades in the equipment, the hand piece attached to the body part is now better fitted to the body's natural curves, meaning more efficient and effective results! It can now treat the area from all 360 degrees instead of just the sides.

Order of Procedure

The dermatologist will examine your procedure area, discuss your options, and inform you about the treatment as well as guidelines.

The dermatologist designs the procedure area before treatment.

These pads serve as a map for the cryolipo hand-pieces to be attached for treatment.

Cryolipolysis takes about one hour total per area.

Application Areas include the arms, bra line, love handles, abdomen, thighs, butt, and back! Slim down for summer and contact us today for a quotation.

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