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Thursday, July 21, 2016

How to DIRECTLY Remove Fat from Belly/Thighs

Ever look down at your body and think: "Man, I wish I could just slice off this little bit of fat right here"? Raise your hands, you know who you are. And although it would be many girls' dream come true, we obviously know fat loss or weight loss doesn't work that way. But sometimes, even with vigorous exercise and a healthy diet, there is that little bulge or area that stays put at all costs.

Mini-liposuction is the solution for such concerns. It does not remove a massive amount of fat - so don't expect any drastic changes in your body shape. What it does do it contour just a bit, that little bit that bothers you. Or maybe slim down a little bit - because you're losing exactly as much fat as is extracted. Under local anesthesia, fat is extracted via a cannula, and when finished you get to see for yourself how much has been removed. Sound enticing? Consult us today and see how many bottles your fat might be able to fill up!

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