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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Velvet Mask: Hydrating, Whitening, Rejuvenating

Korean cosmetics has won over quite a lot of hearts across the world; shopping sprees for makeup products in Korea come across as no surprise. One particularly popular item is the facial sheet mask, which helps soothe and hydrate the skin and gives you a nice pamper after a long day. And yes, it does make you look like some sort of ghost while it's on your face, but fifteen minutes later you can't deny your skin feels refreshed and rested.

And speaking of sheet masks, here is an extra special sheet mask called Velvet Mask.

This is a collagen mask that is structured to capture as much moisture as possible within the skin. Don't be fooled by the papery appearance; this is actually a gel-type mask that is non-sticky and works to cool, soothe, hydrate, and even whiten the skin. Once the mask is cut out to fit your face, water is applied with a sponge.

Then, the aesthetician uses a spatula to push away all the air bubbles trapped under the mask, to make sure that all of it is clinging to the skin, soaking in as much as possible. And since it's important to make sure there is no air trapped, you are refrained from talking or breathing with your mouth during this time.

As a finishing touch, even more water is applied to really hydrate the skin!

Velvet Mask requires about 20 minutes of waiting before it is removed; during this time you can relax your skin even more under LED light to help aid the skin rejuvenation process.

If you're wondering, or doubting, whether this mask really has whitening effects, check this out:

Just a strip of Velvet Mask on the hand, and 30 minutes later the skin really is brighter than the rest of the hand! Honestly, the sheet masks sold in regular cosmetic shops just cannot compare with this. Think of it as the Rolls-Royce of sheet masks. Expensive, yes, but well worth it!

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