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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Fotona - The Last Laser You Need for Skin Pigmentation

Just recently, all seven branches of Renewme Skin Clinic purchased the Fotona QX-MAX laser - a European (Slovenian, to be exact) equipment which is internationally known for being one of the most advanced lasers in the world for treating skin pigmentation.
The biggest advantage of Fotona QX-MAX is its high energy on a single-pulse laser. No need to delve into the science since we are not engineers or dermatologists - what's important is that this laser equipment is much more effective in removing types of skin pigmentation that are relatively difficult to remove. I'm talking about pigmentation such as birthmarks, tattoo removal, and melasma.

And while the main focus of our Fotona treatment is for pigmentation, this laser is also effective in treating vascular conditions, acne/acne scars, and collagen regeneration (aka anti-aging)! It is really a versatile equipment that we have high expectations for.

Our prior laser Spectra XT is also a good and effective option for pigmentation; it's safe and with minimal downtime, although this also means more sessions are required. If you prefer slow and steady results, Spectra XT may be the way to go. If you have limited time and would like to see faster results, or if your pigmentation is particularly deep and hard to treat, Fotona is your choice. Therefore, depending on your skin condition and other factors to consider, our dermatologists would examine you first before deciding on the optimal laser to use for you.

We are excited with our new Fotona laser, because now this means we can treat skin pigmentation even more efficiently. Here are some before/after photos of Fotona laser:

If you are stressed about your skin pigmentation, there is hope for you here at Renewme Skin Clinic! Contact us today for a consultation.

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