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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Fuller and Younger Hairline with Hair Transplantation

Nothing makes a person look older than a receding and thinning hairline. It really is the difference between looking like you're in your twenties, versus middle-aged. Hair loss can be especially stressful especially if you are relatively young to start accepting such a phenomenon. It's one thing to be fifty and start balding - it's unacceptable to be experiencing the same thing in your mid-twenties.

Hair loss is caused by a number of factors, mainly hormonal but also due to stress and environment related factors. In some cases, simply taking medication or a series of scalp treatments can bring good improvement without having to take any drastic measures. However, if the hairline has receded too far, or if you just want to change the general shape (for ladies, if your forehead is too wide or uneven) then hair transplantation is a safe method with good results that can last.

The surgery is done as such: hair follicles are extracted from a strip of scalp at the rear of your head, dissected, and individually implanted on the target areas. This method is called "strip harvesting." The follicles are extracted from the rear scalp because this is the area unaffected by balding - which means once the follicles are settled in (this can take a few months) then the hair will stay as long as the hair on the back of your head stays!

Before you decide you want to proceed with hair transplantation, it is essential to discuss your options with a doctor first. Talk about your prior medical history, your experience with hair loss, what measures you have taken, the results you wish to achieve - the doctor will also assess the quality of your hair follicles, the condition and elasticity of your scalp, and provide you with realistic expectations.

Here is what the surgery would look like:

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