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Friday, August 5, 2016

The LAST Treatment for Acne You'll Ever Need! - INNO Plus+ Radiofrequency

What looks like a series of tiny little needle punctures are actually the latest equipment at Renewme Skin Clinic for acne treatment - that's right, INNO Plus+ radiofrequency for acne!

I wrote a blog post on this last year, but that was for a demo. Now, the treatment is available at all branches of Renewme Skin Clinic.

What is INNO Plus+?

INNO Plus+ treatment is done via a special patented needle that emits radiofrequency from the tip.

This pen + needle can treat acne by destroying the root of the sebaceous gland, individually. Doctors can see big pimples and zits shrinking before their eyes once they are punctured and treated with this pen. All without any medicine or chemicals, so completely safe for the skin!

Aside from targeting the sebaceous glands, the radiofrequency also promotes collagen regeneration and skin rejuvenation. Thus, INNO Plus+ is also able to treat enlarged pores and acne scars as well!

Pain factor: Topical anesthetic cream is applied before the procedure, so patients will not feel pain!

We are excited to see the results that patients will see with INNO Plus+. Contact us for consultation today to see if this may be the treatment for you!

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