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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

How to Treat Eye Bags in Korea

Eye bags can be a serious cause of concern for those who are struggling with it especially at a young age. They can make you look tired and depressed, not to mention much older. If your eye bags are not so severe as to need surgery but still bad enough to bother you like heck, why don't you consider non-surgical laser treatment for eye bag tightening at Renewme Skin Clinic?

There are two treatments that can help regenerate collagen and tighten eye bags: HIFU and INNO Plus+. (Other methods include dermal filler for filling in the sunken areas under the eye bags, as well as vascular lasers for removing the blood vessels passing under the skin to give off a bluish hue - but note that these are not for eye bags.)

Before we move on to describing the treatments, let's discuss what causes eye bags in the first place. The main two culprits of eye bags are excess fat and lack of elasticity. As you grow older, the skin starts to lose elasticity and sag - and as a result, the excess fat protrudes and becomes much more prominent.

If you're afraid of taking any surgical measures to treat this problem, HIFU and INNO Plus+ might be just what you are looking for.

HIFU (Shurink) is a totally non-invasive treatment that delivers ultrasound energy into the deeper layers of the skin, jump starting the collagen regeneration process gradually over time. HIFU can reach the SMAS layer, which is the part generally addressed by doctors for surgical facelifts. Although the results are not as drastic as surgery, patients see lifting results that can help delay the aging process of the skin. This treatment can be done just for eye bags, or for the whole face as well.

INNO Plus+ uses a patented needle from which radiofrequency is emitted. This is inserted underneath the skin and blasts the energy straight into the dermis, and - you might have guessed it already - triggers collagen regeneration. This treatment is minimally invasive, but since it uses a needle, downtime may include some swelling and bruising which lasts up to around 2 weeks. Click HERE for full treatment process with photos and before/after results.

Prices can range anywhere from 700,000 KRW to 1,800,000 KRW for eye bags, depending on which treatments you decide to go with. Contact our consultant today to see whether this program is suitable for you!

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