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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Birthmark, Café-Au-Lait Spot removal Laser treatment

All people have some sort of pigmentation on their face and bodies since they are born.
People who have birthmark are so stress out of removing their mark since birth. It makes them have less confidence and self-esteem in routine life. That is why that it's so important to find professional dermatologists who can help people to diagnose for current condition and selected area
to achieve the best results for them. Also, birthmark has several types depending on colors and shape such as Nevus of Ota, Café-Au-Lait Spot, and Becker’s Nevus.

Nevus of Ota
Blue hyper pigmentation that occurs mainly on face
Café-Au-Lait Spot
Light brownish pig mention lesion
Becker’s Nevus
 Irregular pigmentation,often hairy and found mostly in males

 There are a lot of birthmark except 3 typical birthmark,. So, if you want to remove the mark,
You need to consult our dermatologists to learn more about your birthmarks and how to treat them and what treatment is more suitable for your condition from birthmark.Here is real result at Renewme skin clinic. This is the most common birhmark, Café-Au-Lait Spot After and Before pictures.
Renewme use Fotona QX-MAX laser &  Spectra XT laser toning laser. 

1. Fotona QX-MAX laser            sets a new standard laser toning with the  best beam profile and powerful laser power comparing to other pigmentation lasers. Fotona laser toning is effective for common
stains, dullness, birthmarks, tattoo removal which has most  advanced advantages
for pigment disease.

2. Spectra XT laser toning laser is  is for treating abnormal blood vessels  that that activate the pigment cells and it helps more efficient pigment removal possible. The energy wavelength is stable and
irradiated uniformly and there is no damage to surrounding skin
tissue, so it can be safely treated to sensitive skin.

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