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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Thread Lifiting Seminar with our professional doctors

 Renewme Skin Clinic had a regular seminar with our specialized professional doctors from all branch in Seoul and Busan as well. All professional doctors had a workshop
about Thread lifting on Dec 4th. Our workers in Renewme clinic also participated together.

There are specialized doctors in the picture. They are discussing about Thread lifting with our patients. The patient had problems that her face makes her skin more sink down. 
So, she wants to have Thread lifting treatment in our Clinic.

Dr, Ha Ji Hyun  in jamsil branch helped her designating on her face.
After designating, she is going to cover numbing cream on full face about 30 -40 minutes.
The patient felt excited of the treatment for her appearance after treatment.


Dr. Ha was performing for anesthesia injection after numbing cream.
All doctors were perfoming Thread lifting toghether in the regular seminar for more
 improvement thier treatment in thier clinic.

Dr. Ha  was treating her patients for thread lifting.
She performed with needle and thread, is nearly free of pain and downtime. The patient would  experience minimum swelling and bruising, and she can immediately return to their everyday routines.

 Dr, Ha's treatments on  right side of face in this picture and another doctor had treatment for left side of her hace. The other doctors was watching their performance.
The doctor in Renewme Clinic spent time enjoying thier seminar and had a great time together.
The patient also had great experiences and she really likes her results after treatment.  
If you want to have more V-line facial feature and face lifting and even skin tightning,
we recommend you to come Renewme Skin Clinic and have consultation with our experienced doctors.  Feel free to contact us! we always welcome you! :)

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