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Monday, December 19, 2016

Hair Translate treatment from Renewme Skin Clinic

Hello This is Renewme Skin clinic.  Christmas is around the corner of this week. ya!!Do you guys have any plan for Christmans? The weather is so cold. Keep warm nowadays.Today I'd like to talk about hairloss treament that is called alopecia treatment.Some people are worrying about hair loss and They wanna look younger than their ages. 

To look more younger is that you need to have thick and rich hair.The best treatment of hair loss for male is Hair transplant with medicine daily.Some people do have folk remedy and self treatment at home is not effective.They are sometimes suffer from self treatment for hair transplant. Make sure that  it is an effective result if they start to have treatment from hair-loss.

Gender :  Male/  Age:  50's / Duration : 10 months

 Hair transplantation  is one of the most satisfying procedure among other treatment.
This is because hair plays a major role in influencing a person's impression.Briefly, Hair Transplant is simply treatment and it  takes about 3 or 4 hours for procedures. Patient don't need to have Sleeping anesthesia, so they don't need to worry about anesthesia. Also, you can do your routine life right after treatment.

Renewme Skin Clinic has both section or non section treatment. Patient can choose which treatment is suitable by themselves as well. If you are interested in Hair Transplant, contact us via email or messenger! :) We are always welcome you to come RENEW skin clinic ! :)

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