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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Don't take medince, get Pin-Point Laser for Tinea Pedis (Athlete's foot)

While athlete's foot Tinea Pedis (Athlete's foot) is a common disease among middle-aged men in 30’s. Today, many young people in 20s and 30s, especially those who wear high-heeled shoes, have this happens a lot.
In summer, most women often wear sandals with good ventilation. If you have only selected tight-fitting shoes that do not reveal their toes to hide them, Renew Me Dermatologic Laser Treatments help you to guide the treatment for you.

If you take medicine for a long, it’s time to have treatment, Athlete’s food easily and quickly by laser.
Do you want to know what laser treatment for Tinea Pedis without taking medication?

***What is Tinea Pedis?***

Fungal Infection of Nail and pedis.

Tinea pedis (Athlete’s foot) is a infection diseases that caused by virus and germ on nail and toenail. It’s necessary how to diagnose Tinea pedis from the symptom and progress of diseases. Thus,
it’s better to have a proper treatment from dermatologists who know the exact skin concern.

All experienced dermatologists
Renewme Skin Clinic

Renewme Skin Clinic has ONE-IN-ONE customer consultation and treatment. We have female and male doctor that women patient can easily choose a dermatologists specializing in female doctor.

***Who needed for Tinea Pedis treatment ***

Don’t take medicine, do laser treatment now! Those who have difficulty of taking medicine can have treatment by laser at Renewme!

Tinea Pedis Laser Treatment
(Pin Pointe Foot Laser)

Pin Point Laser is the first laser treatment for Athlete’s foot in Korea 
and is approved by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

It’s possible to penetrate thermal energy into the nail effectively by pin point laser to destroy only fungus or germ area that penetrated deeply into the skin.
Athlete’s foot is treated by destroying only fungus area without painful 
and it make nail and toe-nail to grow cleanly and healthy.

동영상 첨부

***Advantage of Pin-Point***

Tinea Pedis (Nail & Toe Nail)

why is effective for Pin-Point Laser?

Tinea pedis is normally treated by cream for antifungal medicine, 
but it is difficult to treat using only ointments because nails are 
thickened and hard to absorb moisture solutions into the nails. 
The laser is irradiated area of Tinea-pedis on finger or toe nails. The energy beam is irradiated to selected area of fungus and it helps to destroy the area by transferring a strong energy.

1. Effective transfer of Thermal Energy to destroy fungus 

The laser is used to kill the most common fungi, Trichophyton rubum 
causing Tinea pedis by passing a temperature above 65 degrees. However, 
Tinea pedis is irradiated the same area repeatedly if it doesn’t reach on 
65 degrees. Also, the temperature of skin tissue may rise around the 
toenails and it will cause burns if it requires more higher than 65 degree.

However, Pin Pointe Laser can generate on 79 degrees of heat at ONLY
one time for delivering enough energy to kill fungus.

2. Safe procedure to protect skin tissue around Tinea Pedis

Pin-point laser can be treated by to beam only fungus during the procedure.
Unlike other laser, Pin-point laser is called a 10 micro pulse. It is composed with small laser beams. There is a interval of 0.05 seconds between each micro-pulse,
 with recovering the surrounding tissues, not damaging between them.
Thus, it’s safety and effective to treat for Athlete’s foot with protecting around skin tissue.

Possible to solve Tinea Pedis on nail and toenail by laser treatment at Renewme Skin clinic
"Genesis Laser + Pinhole Laser + Multi-cell Laser"

*** Who needed for Tinea Pedis treatment***

If you are apply one of them to you, 
and then you might have Tinea Pedis, infection of germ on nail.



Tinea pedis is one of popular infection from fungus, or gern in Korea.
It’s a skin diseases that takes up about 30~40% of all mycosis. Most of people in Korea have experience infection of fungus or germ. 

If you are interested in Tinea Pedis’s laser treatment to make toenail clean, don’t hesitate to contact Renewme skin clinic. Check out the messenger for on-line consultation.

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