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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Natural Volume improvement, Renewme AestheFill


PLA filler stimulate to produce collagen into skin

AestheFill has longer lasting about 2 year as Long-Term Filler

Collagen makes its fill out to keep natural volume steadily
It stimulates collagen to produce from PLA filler.
AestheFill is injected into deeper skin than normal filler and
It activates to produce collagen into the skin.

***AestheFill Safety***

1/ Biodegradability

AestheFill has a main component as PLA to dissolve in the body
and discharge to out of body through metabolism

2/ Immovability

Injected PLA particle is located in the treated area,
PLA doesn’t move to different tissue

Renewme Skin clinic
The upgraded producing collagen AestheFill
Why is effective to improve for natural volume?

AestheFill is composed with PLA Porous Microshere in globular shape.

The surface of particle and inner structure has little pore, and it make new tissue and also activate to produce collagen for natural volume effectiveness.

***Collagen Changes after AestheFill***

 Through Biopsy, the tissue is checked to produce new one
in the injected by AestheFill.

2 weeks later
Emply spaces between PLA particles are filled with cells

3 weeks later
spaces between particles are completely filled and 
Cells start to move into the porous PLA particles.

12 weeks Laser and 20 weeks later
Cells completely fill up the PLA particles as well as the spaces in between.

***AestheFill Procedure ***

***Sculptra VS AestheFill ***

* Sculptra *

-Dissolves slowly
-improves wrinkles and adds Volume

* AestheFill *

-Dissolves quickly and evenly
-improves overall facial lines and volume

***Who needed for AestheFill***

-who has thinner and dry skin
-who has fine wrinkles at crow’s feet and upper lip
-who doesn’t have any volume from anti-aging
-who has many fine wrinkles on the face

Natural Volume, Wrinkle, Elasticity improvement at once!
The Upgraded collagen injection, PLA filler
Renewme Collagen Injection, AestheFill

If you are interested in PLA filler to make natural volume on your face, don’t hesitate to contact Renewme skin clinic. Check out the messenger for on-line consultation.

Phone: +82-2-588-7525
Line: skin0075
Kakao Talk: renewmeskin
WeChat: rnmeskin
WhatsApp: +82-10-9204-0075


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