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Friday, March 3, 2017

Younger face V-Line, Elasticity and Volume together!

There are many actors and actresses who have tightness and V-line shape on their face
Their chin looks natural and younger face. It makes them more younger than other people. 
People want to have V-line face with elasticity and tightness. It's hard to treat it by home care. So, Renewme Skin Clinic helps you to have more V-line face.

**What is Shurink (Ultraformer III)?**

Shurink is ultraformer which a non-surgical face and neck lifting equipment that 
delivers results without downtime. Also, it's the latest upgrade in HIFU technology and helps non-invasive facelift, tightening, and facial contouring. 

How does the face have tights and volume together?
How people make round face with V-line?

Yes, Shurink Laser and Dermal Filler!!!

Dermatologists who have lots of experiences and they have knowledge and experiences of right procedures with non-surgical to make V-line face possible

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**How does Shurink work?**

Shurink uses ultrasound to deliver thermal energy and tighten the SMAS, the foundational layer of the skin, this triggers the skin's reaction of regenerating collagen for natural and long-lasting facelift effects. 

**Advantages of Shurink**

- Non invasive, non-surgical method of facial lifting
- Visible effects for up to 6 months.
- No downtime
- Less procedure time and pain than prior HIFU!
- Natural anti-aging effects
- One session is all you need to see results

Area of Shurink

- Blow eyebrow/ around eye
- Forehead Wrinkles
- Pore shurinking
- Nasolabial fold
-Double chin
- Neck wrinkles

Recommended for 

-  sagging, aging skin
- Lack of skin elasticity
- Large pores/ blackhead
- wrinkles and fine lines
- Uneven skin tone
- Patients afraid of surgery
- Patients who don't want downtime

***Before & After photo of Shurink***


Make Younger V-line Face
 ********************Dermal Filler !

Filler helps to make face more volume and contouring facial shape

The advantage of filler is that people can have forehead bulging and nose high and V-line shape. Filler gives us many effective effects into our skin. 

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Filler is not a procedure to inject simple drugs into the skin.
The doctor should consider the balance of face, volume, and the depth and direction of the needle and so on. They know best about your skin structure and the 
best techniques for injecting filler safely.


Our doctors have plenty of know-how for achieving natural results. They've made the most natural volume to many patients at the clinic.


All products are approved by the FDA, KFDA, or CE to ensure safety and minimize potential complications


To maintain top quality in all six branches, our doctors host seminars every year to share their knowledge and skills to improve and develop techniques.

If you are interested in facial lifting, Shurink & Dermal Filler, don't hesistate to contact us at renewme skin clinic.  You can have on-line consultation via messenger for free!
we look forward to seeing you soon at Renewme Skin Clinic :)

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