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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Acne scar treatment; INNO PLUS+ & CARBOXY & FILLER

Inno plus, Carboxy, Filler 

Hello guys! we are talking about acne scar treatment which emits radiofrequencies from a patented needle and it treats acne scar from under the skin. It's triggers collagen production generate new skin.
Normally, we do INNO PLUS with fractional laser together, but it's more effective with carboxy & filler together for anyone who have sever acne scar. 

One of our patients from Indonesia is worried about her acne scar. she is stressed out her skin problems. She tired to solve this problem in her country, but she felt like it doesn't work at all.
So, she came to Korea for studying and has a chance to have treatment in our clinic.
That's why she visited our clinic for acne scar treatment. 

After she has consultation with Dr.Ha, she talked about how she is so stressful about her skin. Dr, Ha checked her skin to improve from before. The doctor recommend her to have INNO PLUS with Carboxy and filler together. We put the carboxy therapy with filler and it's better to treat them. 

After numbing cream, Dr. ha treats her skin by Inno plus radio frequency. INNO PLUS helps to remove her sebaceous gland into the skin and regenerate her skin for collagen. It's little painful, but it's REALLY effective effects. After INNO PLUS, you might have swelling and bruising, but it's subside in 2 or 3 days later. If you like to subside bruising, the clinic has the repair cream for healing for bruising on the face.  

She said that she could feel less painful from the numb, but if people are sensitive, we recommend them to put the numbing cream  for a long about 30~ 40 minutes. We also have many review for acne scar that the patients have more effective results from only 1 sessions. So, they want to come to our clinic again as a re-visitor. 


The doctor Ha said that it's really effective to treat the acne scar from INNO PLUS with Carboxy & Filler together. She also really recommends to her patient even Korean too. If you have friends who have sever acne scar, I really want to recommend him/her to have this treatment for confidence! :)

This treatment is a Carboxy treatment which is carbon dioxide with hyaluronic acid. Carboxy is good to regenerate collagen and make collagen fiber to make hard to improve acne scar. So, it's helpful to make collagen for acne scar treatment.  

After INNO PLUS & CARBOXY treamtent, you have after care treatment which has soothing and led light / PDT. So, it make your skin more come down from redness, swelling , and bruising. After treatments, you might have downtime for 2 or 3 days later. if you are worried about downtime, we recommend repair cream for relaxing your skin! ;) 

If you are interested in ACNE SCAR treatment, don’t hesitate to contact Renewme skin clinic. Check out the messenger for on-line consultation.

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