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Thursday, April 20, 2017

[Food] STEAMPUNK; Gangnam Best Food; MEXICAN FOOD

Hello guys! Today, I will talk about STEAMPUNK in Gangnam. 
Steampunk is a restaurant for Mexican food. Steampunk is one of 10 best top restaurant in Gangnam.
They have Mexican food like tacoo, enchiladas, and bear and pops etc. 

STEAMPUNK is opened from 12pm to 11pm (MON~THU, SUN)
They are opened from 12pm to 12om for FRI and SAT. They are popular and busy for Friday and Saturday, so they are opened long. My friends and I went there for eating and talking on Friday after work. so it's really convenient for us.

The location is that you can go straight the street next to CGV. 
you can go straight about 5 minutes and you can see the left side of building, Steam punk/
It's also located between Shin nun hyun station and Gyubo tower. There are many hot places in Gangnam area, so we recommend one of HOT place in Gangnam to you guys. 

The place and atmosphere is very comfortable and awesome for eating and talking with our friends. 
Most women like to go this place but they are failed because they have little waiting time when you go to there at night, especially around 6 or 7 pm on Friday. 

Look! there is two floor; 1st is group and 2nd is for 2 person doesn't matter where you are going to. My friends and I had reservation for this time, so we didn't have waiting time for Friday. we really wanna eat Mexican food like tacos. My friends and I were so excited to have tacos because I missed Mexican food a lot. Nowadays, Korea has many Mexican food restaurant in Seoul, so we wanna tried many food asap we can. 

CARNE ASADA soft Tcos : 8,500 KRW. 

Includes beef, chipotle mayo, jafapeno, pico de gallo, guacamole, cucumber, cilantro.
We can choose the tortilla ; floor or corn. I prefer to have floor tortilla than the corn. isn't it look delicious? When I post it, i really wanna eat again so badly. 


Includes: salsa, pork, mexican rice, mozzarella, poco degallo, queso fresco, cilantro.
This is enchiladas  with sour cream I LOVE scar cream with enciladas. 
OMG.... it looks awesome! wanna eat this RIGHT NOW!!!!

MEXICAN CHORIZO( 2pic) : 8,000 KRW. 

Includes: chorizo, prico de gallo, cheese, sour cream, salsa roja, cron, mango salsa.
it's really good with mango salsa sauce. it's kinda hotter than other tacos. it includes like beet or port. it's kina interesting taste to me.  I really recommend this place to enjoy Mexican food and other bear & pop. I have a plan to go here again. This is one of 10 best place in Seoul I've been ever.

If you want to have detail information, check the face for steampunk.

Phone: +82-2-588-7525
Kakao Talk:


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