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Monday, April 24, 2017

Are you ready for the summer? Get laser hair removal at Renewme!

Hello, we are Renewme Skin Clinic. The weather is getting warmer and warmer. When you pass by the road, there are many women who are wearing skin colored stocking. If you want to take out black colored stoking, there is something embarrassing, hair on the legs.

Most women are worrying about hair on their body. They are wondering which treatment and methods are the best to remove them. How are you treating? Which treatment do you think that is more effective? Shaving machine? Shaving cream? Tape? There are many methods to treat hair; the best way is to remove it by Laser Hair Removal. That is safe and effective than other treatment.

Today, why is the Laser hair removal is more safe and effective method among other treatment? We are talking which treatment is more effective to remove it.

Here are waxing cream, Waxing tape, Hair Root removal, Shaving, and razor.  To check which treatment is best for hair removal, we tried to remove hair from each method.

First, this is hair root remover. This is hair root remover which helps hair to remove at home by themselves, but it’s really painful and it’s not completely removed at all, so you can have remained hair on the body. Also, it tales for a long time and you need to care after one trial.


Second, this is razor for hair removal. This is easy to remove and easy hands with disposable shaving. Normally, people use razor when they take a shower, so it takes short time than the hair root removal. But, it’s not longer lasting depends on how the hair it is. Also, you can have wounds from the razor. You can easily see the legs with the bandage if you remove hardly.


Third, this is shaving cream using with sponge and methods.  It’s so easy and convenient to remove in only 10 Minutes. We put the cream and leave it for 10 minutes. Then we can wipe the cream out. It’s safe to protect the skin with less damage. But, it’s strong ingredient to melt the hair on the body. So, people could have eczema, redness and even dryness after using shaving cream.


Last, this is Waxing tape. This is easy and takes little short time because you just attached the tape on the treated area. But, it’s really painful when the tape wiped out. It caused to outer skin damage on the treated area with redness and dryness.


All 4 treatments are effective temporary. When time goes, the hair comes out again to grow their hair on the body. So, we need to keep remove continuously. If you do keep treating, the skin has damage like redness, eczema and even skin diseases from cream, tape and razor.

We recommend the laser hair removal from Renewme. 
We use the laser for hair removal. It takes only 10 minutes for beaming laser. We dont need to put the numbing cream and other solution before the treatment. Its really less painful at all and

Before the treatment, the doctor will check your skin type and how deeper 
the mole it is. So, its better to check how your hair it is and how the laser works.

After checking the skin, he will do laser for few minutes for the treated area. 
You need more than 1 session and keep having a laser for few months because the hair is not removed by 1 session from the laser. We need to keep beaming the laser for hair root removal. Laser Hair removal is that the laser is beamed to the root of hair and the laser helps the hair destroy for not growing the hair anymore.

Laser Hair removal helps the shape of hair to destroy and it’s safe and not affected to the skin at all. If you have laser hair removal continuously, it shows effective results permanently. We recommend more than 5 sessions for hair removal.

Patient can select female/ male doctor at Renewme skin clinic. If women want to have hair removal treatment with female doctor, let us know and we will help you for setting up an appointment with Female doctor at Reneweme. 

Men also can have Laser hair removal at Renewme Skin clinic.
Most men need to have laser hair removal every morning. They need to shave the hair every day and they might have skin disease and infection from hair removal.
1.     Who don’t like to shave the hair every morning
2.      Who has many skin problems on their face

Here is the video clip of laser hair removal

If you are interested in Laser Hair removal treatment, don’t hesitate to contact Renewme skin clinic. Check out the messenger for on-line consultation.

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  1. I’ve had a great experience with Toronto laser hair removal clinic! They are very professional and considerate with my needs and requests. I’m currently getting laser done by them, and they made sure I was comfortable and explained the process to me thoroughly which was great. It was practically painless which was a pleasant surprise! :) I’ve also gotten a few massages by their incredible masseuse, Roya, who gave me the best relaxing massage I’ve ever had. Practically felt like jelly after :D Will definitely continue to get massages and am excited to see how the final result of my laser treatments will turn out!