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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

[Part 2] 2018 Spring Symposium of Renewme Dermatological Association

Speaker was Dr. Kim Duk Han( Hongje branch)

Renewme skin clinic has Tattoo removal by Enlighten pico laser. Enlighten laser has dual wavelengths laser toning and has most powerful pigment and tattoo removal solution. Many patients want to remove thier tattoo on the body. It comes up new techniques and experiments about tattoo removal. The topic is  about Update on the treatment of Tattoo. Dr. Kim talked how to treat by various laser and combination between them. 

Speaker was Dr. Kim Tae Huan( Busan branch)

The topic was about Treatment of tattoo and refractory pigmentation disorders. Normally, Busan patients have more tattoo than Seoul in our clinic. They want to visit to remove them in our clinic. The doctor Kim presented various case study for tattoo and explain how it process each patients. If the patient who has color tattoo, it's more hard to remove and requires more than sessions. Also, he presented about hyper pigment, birthmark like Nevus of Ota, Cafe milk spot etc. He showed before and after picture to compare sessions each cases. 


Speaker was Dr. Yan Yoon Suk (Seocho branch)

The topic was about Scar & Wrinkle treatment using DNA dermal Rejuventation(DDR), Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP) and picosecond laser. In our clinic, we have DDR is an effective treatment for depressed scar from Acne. The target area is injected CO2 gas to make air pocket into the skin and injected DNA solution with H,A. This treatment helps the skin to regenerate fibrous protein in damaged skin cell. He presented what DDR is an how effects to Acne scar and scar. 

During break time, we have fruit, cookies, and coffee. We talked with foreigner doctors and shared our experience about techniques. They are interested in medical/cosmetic treatment and equipment from Korea. So we discussed how popular Korea medical it is.  


Speaker was Dr. Ko Na Young (Hwagok branch)

The topic was about Tightening effects of HIFU on body and anti-obesity treatments. Dr. Ko presented about new equipment Body HIFU. It helps your body tightening and contouring if patients want to have non-invasive treatment. Body HIFU is the latest Body HIFU concentrated stimulator with focused circular ultrasounds. It helps to deliver powerful energy to the fat layer. It rearranges fat cell in decolletage, inner thighs or abdomen. Also, Dr. Ko explained about Mini-liposuction to fat removal using cannular in areas that can't be easily lost with diet or exercise as well.  

Speaker was Dr. Kim Jung Geun (Dongdaemun branch)

The topic was about Thread lifting. In our clinic, there are 2 types of lifting laser. One is lfiting and the other is thread lifting. Thread lifting is minimally invasive face lift procedure. it has many different kinds of thread lift like PDO, Cogs, Soft etc. He presented different types of threads and compared before and after for face lift. 

Speaker was Dr. Choi Woon Jin (Bundang branch)
Dr. Choi had the topic of wrinkle lifting by using Shurink, LDM, and pigmentation. Shurink is a treatment for facial lifting that has less-painful and visiable effects for up to 6 months than other laser lifting. LDM is recommend for the patients who have sensitive skin types and it also helpful lifting with combination by other treatments.

Speaker was Song Byeong Han (Seocho branch)

The topic was side effect of Botulinum toxin and filler treatment. People don't want to have wrinkle on area like forehead, crow feet etc. So they want to treat botox  to prevent muscle movement. They also want to have filler to make volume for contouring face. But  there are side effects case in research. He presented side effects and cases each area from Botox and Filler. 

At noon, we had Lunch time with Chinese’s food. The menu was shrimp, seafood and Chinese’s beef and desert. It was really delicious. With having a lunch, we got the break for an hour and talked together.


Speaker was Dr. Ha Ji Hyun (Jamsil branch)

The topic was about Experience on the treatment of Various Radio-frequency device. One of newest treatment is ThermiRF that is a skin tightening and lifting treatment using radio frequency energy. The tiny patented needle is inserted under the skin and is used to heat radio frequency energy in target area. This results are skin firmer, tighter, more elasticity. Dr. Ha presented about principle of ThermiRF and how it works and advantages as well. 

Speaker was Dr. Kim Duk Han( Hongje branch)

The topic was about Treatments for Hyperfidrosis & Osmidrosis. Dr. Kim compared between Hyperhidrosis and Osmidrosis and explained which treatment is suitable for each cases. Also, Dr. Nomachi from Japan has experience about Hyperhidrosis using ThermiDry, so they discussed how it effects.

After the presentation, we moved to Renewme Jamsil clinic and we prepared for the hands-on course. We looked forward to having a live demonstration in the clinic. I will talk about the next step for Live demonstration from next posting.

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