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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Treatments to Accompany Jaw Botox

Slimmer face and a contoured jawline is all the craze these days - ladies want to look sharper and feminine, and are turning to aesthetics to help them achieve this sophisticated look. Of the many "V-line" procedures available in the Korean aesthetic market, one of the most popular and affordable treatments may just be botox injections.

If you happened to click on this post on purpose, chances are that you probably already know what botox does for the jaws, because this post is about the treatments to accompany it. However, in case you are simply a random passerby who happened to stumble across this page, let me explain: botox for aesthetic purposes, can help to relax the muscles over time. When injected into areas such as the forehead or frown lines, the relaxed muscles cannot make any strong facial expressions that cause further wrinkles. For the jaws, botox relieves the masseter muscle (muscles we use to chew) and induces atrophy, which in result can have facial slimming effects.

However, one important thing to remember about jaw botox is that this injection affects the muscle only. It does nothing for the skin, or for the fat around the jawline. Therefore, if you have any further skin concerns or if botox simply is just not enough, here are three options you can consider.

1. Lifting (Thread Lift, HIFU)

For aging and sagging skin, masseter muscles reduced by botox can actually make the sagging worse. In this case it's important to combine a treatment that can regenerate collagen and help tighten the skin around the jaw line, with PDO threads or HIFU treatments.

Click here for more info on thread lift.
Click here for more info on HIFU (Shurink).

2. Contouring Injection

Botox may not have such drastic effects if your jawline area has a lot of fat. If so, procedures that can help dissolve and remove fat would be the optimal treatment to help achieve a slimmer face. One thing to keep in mind is that fat-dissolving injections may need at least 3+ sessions total for you to see results.

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3. Chin Filler

For a more defined and prominent V-line, you can complete the look with a dermal filler injection on the chin. You might think elongating the chin makes your face look longer or bigger, but on the contrary it can give you a nice oval shape that makes your face more proportionate. Furthermore, adding volume to the front chin can slightly pull the skin along your jawline, improving any possible double chin.

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