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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Über Burger at Gangnam (Seocho)

Right across from Renewme Skin Clinic Seocho branch is a small burger joint called Über. Is the food there really outstanding as the name suggests? I had to go find out.

It says "pub" but trust me, it's far from one. Just think of it as a burger place.

To be honest, I had actually tried this place a couple times before, more than a year ago. Back then, the burgers were much more expensive (at least 11,000-13,000 KRW each) and the menu was full of variety. The burgers were unique, gigantic, and worth every won. However, a few months after this place nearly became my favorite, the restaurant apparently had to make some cutbacks, and ended up changing the food entirely to reduce ingredient costs. I gotta admit, my heart sank when I first heard this, and I decided I just wouldn't go if the burgers weren't the same.

A year later, I decided maybe it was time to give this place a second chance and see what they were up to lately. After all, they're still standing, right? Here's a peek at their menu:

You've got the Überger (Über+Burger), the Überger Big, Burger Pop (which means extra bacon and pineapple), and Burger Pop Big. And that's it. They've got drinks too, and other dishes like hot dogs and French fries and chicken wings, since after all, it's still a "pub," but the menu was slightly disappointing. Drinks need to be ordered separately and fries come with the burger.

The black sauce on the fries is balsamic vinegar dressing, which I think was a bit too bold for my taste. Fries taste best with ketchup, in my opinion. Or chili sauce or nacho cheese, anything else. Plus, the fries were the fast food kind, which still tasted fine, maybe minus the sauce.

The burger was good in the sense that I have never tasted a bad-tasting burger in my life. It's hard to go wrong with burgers, so I enjoyed this a lot. However, it wasn't high in my books and I am not sure I would visit again. If you're looking for something better than McDonald's and still fairly affordable, this is the place for you. But I'm the type that would spend a couple more and get the real deal.

Directions: walk about 3 minutes from Nambu Bus Terminal station exit 5, and it's on your left.

Phone: +82-2-588-7525
Line: skin0075
Kakao Talk: renewmeskin
WeChat: rnmeskin
WhatsApp: +82-10-9204-0075

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