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Monday, February 8, 2016

Ways To Fix Your Double Chin in Seoul Korea

Happy Lunar New Year, everybody! Before I start off with today's blog post, here's what a traditional Korean greeting (usually directed towards elders) looks like, to wish you a blessed and happy new year. May your 2016 be filled with happiness, love, and health!

A big concern for many during holiday season is gaining weight. There's just so much food going on, and Korea certainly is not an exception. During traditional holidays, most of our dishes are fried pancake style, and the main dish is a rice cake soup - which means basically everything is either packed with fat or carbs. Don't be surprised if you notice the pouch in your belly expanding a bit over the holidays; this is completely normal. ;)

But regardless of weight or fat, sometimes there are those areas that seem to stay a bit plump regardless of your diet or weight. One particular area is the chin, more specifically the double chin. And naturally, this is a frequent topic brought up by patients who seek consultation at our clinic. Could there be a solution that would fix that stubborn bit of flesh that could be the culprit in making you look older or chubbier than you actually are?
The short answer is, it depends on what is causing your double chin, as there may be a lot more reasons than you may think. Let's take a look at the different causes, and the possible solutions for each case.

1. Short Chin: Dermal Fillers

Take a ruler or a pen, and line it from your nose to your lips. Does it touch your chin as well? If it doesn't, there is a chance that you've got a short chin. For short chins, a temporary but non-surgical solution is dermal filler injections, which can lengthen the chin, and correct the shape to make it more aesthetically refined. What's more, when your chin gets relatively larger due to the filler, it will tighten the skin underneath your chin to reduce some of your double chin. Here is Dr. Kim of our Dongdaemun branch, as an example:

2. Excess Fat: INNOfill/Contouring Injection/AccuLift

Sometimes the reason you have a double chin is simply the fact that you've got a lot of fat in that area. It can be difficult to remove this naturally through diet, stretching, or exercise. At Renewme Skin Clinic we can offer three options that can help remove this fat non-surgically.

Contouring Injection is a mixture of solutions injected into the chin that help naturally dissolve the fat in the targeted area. Results are a bit slower and require multiple sessions, but the downtime is minimal and can be effective for the right candidates.

INNOfill is also a needle based treatment in which radiofrequency is emitted from a needle tip to stimulate collagen growth and tighten the skin. We recommend this along with the contouring injections.

AccuLift is the most drastic procedure of the three, and has downtime of a couple of weeks (swelling and pain). However, this might be the most effective, as the laser injected underneath the skin melts the fat, which is then directly removed (like facial liposuction). Not everybody is a candidate for this procedure, however, and you should always consult an experienced doctor first before you decide on this treatment. When done correctly, the results can be dramatic and semi-permanent (as long as you don't gain weight) with just one session.

3. Sagging Skin: Ultherapy/Shurink

As you grow older, your skin will lost its elasticity and tightness, which in the end is unfortunately inevitable. This lack of elasticity may make your chin sag a bit, creating a double chin. This is not a matter of fat or the shape of your chin; the best method for this case is to tighten the skin in general, and generate more collagen. The most recommended treatment would be a HIFU treatment like Ultherapy or Shurink, which uses ultrasound to reach the deepest layers of the skin and regenerate collagen, for non-invasive face lift effects.

If a double chin is your concern, contact our dermatologist today for a consultation! Your solution might just be a couple of treatment sessions away.

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