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Friday, June 24, 2016

Hydolifting Injection: Dewy, Glowing, Moist Skin

Having a "water shine" complexion is all the rage in Korea; we all want to look like our faces are glowing and radiant with moisture - and mind you, this is different from oiliness! Cosmetic products these days are also all about giving you that dewy glow. But if your skin is dry, no amount of cover up or special products will give you that shine... it would just leave you looking flaky and cakey instead, which is the complete opposite of what we want to achieve.

How about some hydrolifting injection to help you get that natural looking glow?

Hydrolifting Injection

Also known as skin booster, HA injection, water shine injection, etc, this procedure involves evenly distributing hyaluronic acid into the skin via a multi needle injector. Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that exists as part of our skin structure, but decreases with age. HA is widely known for is moisture containing abilities; it can hold up to hundreds of its own capacity in water! The procedure itself only takes about 10-15 minutes.

Why Moisturize with Hydrolifting Injection?

There are many ways to attempt to moisturize the skin: creams and lotions, sprays, pills, drinking lots of water, and more. However, hydrolifting injection is the only method that can directly add moisture to the skin and retain it for a long period of time without the daily fuss that you need for every other method!

What Results to Expect

1. Immediately After (Downtime)
Patients may experience needle marks and bumps for a day or so - this will go away naturally.

Blogger Agri Velt at Renewme Skin Clinic:
2. Next Few Days
Your skin might feel a bit tight due to the minor swelling; apply lots of moisturizer during this period.

3. Results
Results will show within about a week or two - you will notice your skin is more hydrated, and that your makeup applies much more smoothly! This sensation can last for up to about 3 months. Results last longest if you can do about 3 sessions, a month apart. But if you only have time for one session, apply moisturizer generously and treat yourself to a sheet mask a couple of times a week. ;)

Blogger Agri Velt at Renewme Skin Clinic:
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