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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Specialized Services for Foreigners at Renewme Skin Clinic

Visiting a clinic in a foreign country can be especially daunting and actually a pretty big deal. The staff and doctors most likely do not speak your language, in a place where communication is essential to a successful and assuring consultation. This isn't like your other tourist activities, where language barrier can turn out to be an adventure and let you try unexpected and new things; at a clinic or hospital, your health is dealt with, which means you cannot just brush off misunderstandings and hope for the best.

At Renewme Skin Clinic, we try to minimize these discomforts and make your visit as pleasant as possible, through the following 6 points:

1. Native-Level Interpreters
Interpretation is provided by native speakers of English, Mandarin Chinese, and Indonesian.

2. Accessible Consultation
Consultation is available by email, phone, or online messenger before you arrive in Korea, and any time after you return home.

3. Regular Post-Treatment Check Up
Our consultants regularly check up on you even after you return to your country, to make sure there are no further complications or concerns.

4. Safe and Certified Procedures
To ensure safety, all products and equipment are certified by the KFDA and done by board-certified dermatology specialists.

5. Honest and Trustworthy
After examining your skin condition, we will only recommend treatments that are absolutely necessary and give you realistic ideas of the results to expect.

6. High Patient Return Rate
We are a clinic that you’ll want to visit again for our specialized services, regular promotions, and events for VIP patients.

Contact us today for consultation, and experience our services for yourself!

Phone: +82-2-588-7525
Line: skin0075
Kakao Talk: renewmeskin
WeChat: rnmeskin
WhatsApp: +82-10-9204-0075

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