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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Results with ONE Session of Pigmentation Laser "Excel V" in Seoul, Korea

Excel V laser uses a combination of two wavelengths (532nm and 1064nm) to tackle a wide range of skin conditions from pigmentation to vascular conditions such as rosacea or spider veins, to even improving pores and skin elasticity. For a one-time pigmentation treatment for lesions that are superficial (or closer to the skin surface), Excel V is an effective treatment that can yield better results than conventional lasers or procedures such as IPL. This laser can treat with spot precision and has a sapphire cooling system that soothes the skin while simultaneously treating, for maximum comfort and minimal downtime.

Treatment for freckles or melasma, or brown spots in general, may require multiple sessions for complete removal. However, you can still see visible results with even one session. Here is an example photo:

This laser can help improve pores as well, and leave your face looking brighter and healthier overall. Of course, best results would be a combination of treatments that can remove pigmentation and whiten the skin; but if you are pressed for time and want to see results in the shortest amount of time possible, definitely consider Excel V! Pricing: 700,000 KRW per session.

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