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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Tightening & Lifting the Jaw Line with HIFU in Seoul Korea

In today's modern age, contoured and younger looking faces aren't just a concern for ladies. Regardless of gender, a fresh and sharp appearance is a big advantage since it can help you look more assuring and exuberate confidence. That's why these days, our clinic is receiving more and more male patients that are interested in lifting and tightening laser procedures to slim their faces and clear their skin!

A non-invasive procedure with little downtime and great long term effects is HIFU treatment. HIFU, which stands for high-intensity focused ultrasound, uses ultrasound energy to induce thermal coagulation and regenerate collagen within the skin. There are several machines in the market that use this technology; our clinic uses Ultherapy (American original) and Shurink (Korean brand), which is more commonly used for our patients here. Results are best shown over the course of a few months. I have prepared photos to show you today.

The before after was taken in September 2015, and the after photo was taken in May 2016. See what differences can be seen in 8 months!

As you can see, this patient has seen significant improvements in the double chin area, and his jaw line is much more sharper and tighter. And even better, his neck looks slimmer and longer as well as a result!

To tell you the truth, men can actually experience skin aging faster than women because of the general lifestyle they lead (especially here in Korea) which involves outdoor activities, drinking, smoking and just lack of taking care of their own skin. So men, if you're too lazy to pamper yourself daily, you might want to just pop into our clinic once in a while and get some treatments that will leave you good for a few months at least! Maintaining good skin without all the effort, this is major life hack you wish you'd known sooner!

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