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Friday, July 28, 2017

Check out Excel V laser for pigmentation, redness, vascular removal treatment together!

Excel V laser use a combination of two wavelengths (532nm and 1064 nm) to make a wide range of skin condition from pigmentation to vascular condition like rosacea or spider vein and even pore and elasticity. From one time pigmentation treatment, Excel v is an effective treatment that can have more better results than other laser like IPL. The laser can treat with spot precision and has cooling system that make the skin soothes during the treating. 

Excel v treatment for freckles or melasma, or aging-spot may require multiple sessions for several modes, but you can see the visible results from only one session. That's why we recommend Excel v than IPL. 

Before & After Photo


Excel v laser can help the skin improving freckles, anti-aging spot, pigmentation that make look brighter and healthier. The best results would be combination to make whiten as well. The price of Excel V is 700,000 KRW per session. If you want to consider about pigmentation treatment, contact us via email or messenger, then we can help you for making whiten and brighter skin for you! :)

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