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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Summer is coming! FAT OUT? Click Mini-liposuction!

Renewme Skin Clinic now offers mini-liposuction treatment, which is similar to the trandition liposuction, but for smaller amount and without downtime, and even risks. The treatment includes tumescent anesthesia with fat-dissolving solution injected into the targeted area that you believe has excess fat. Sometime people do exercise to lose weight, but there are some area that we can't lose weight like thighs, arms, and tummy. 

Mini-liposuction is simple without risk than traditional treatment. The treatment process is actually simpler than you think, which makes mini-liposuction all the more the better option. In fact, let me list for you the advantages:


You have minimal bruising, swelling or pain, but you can return right back to their daily routines. You might have bruising and swelling right after the treatment, it's minor with little soreness. It won't affect your everyday routine.Patients said that it's bearable from first anesthesia, but not much pain during the procedure.

 Normally, traditional liposuction use sleeping anesthesia which is how simple the treatment it. 
All required is tumescent anesthesia that all procedure takes about 1 hour. It depending on how much fat you want to remove and the area. You don't need to worry about anesthesia to wake up again. 


This is how you can tell if the fat has been removed and how much bottles fat you removed.Mini-liposuction removes the fat right away that you can check own your eyes. The fat is collected in nice syringe (called a bottle). after which the fat removed from your body is shown to you right away. 

You don't need to come back after a week to remove the stitches. You can go back your country next day. If you want to have check-up, the doctor help you for your condition. If you don't have time to have check-up, we can do consultation via messenger with the photos (Online consultation). 

Current prices start at 800,000 KRW per bottle. Contact us today - the best way to directly and instantly remove fat is waiting for you at Renewme Skin Clinic!


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