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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

To become Smaller and Slimmer face with V-line shape

It has an important role to show the image of people from face or facial expression. Especailly, it's also to decide to have roles like eyes, nose, and lips and even the shape face. Sometimes, people are stressed out their  liopsided/asymmetrical cheeks or chubby face. To have excessive double chin or chubby face with round shape make people show more fat, not slimmer. From this case, it has simple treatment called "Contouring Injection" 

Check out more detail about : Contouring Injection" to make V-Line facial shape with no surgery. 
It's non-invasive treatment with no little downtime. You can go back to routine right after treatment.

what is Contouring Injection? 

The contouring injection is a non-invasive procedure that make contouring and slim down facial line from uneven, lumpy on your face with no elasticity. It helps the fat dissolve to find out V-line shape on the face. Sometime, it's hard to remove the fat on the face from exercise, so you can make easily even and smooth face shape with balance. It's a simple treatment to injection on the face. 

Advantage of Contouring Injection 

To improve face line to dissolve the fat, it's simple with short procedure without anesthesia.
After treatment, you can go back to the normal daily routine life without aftercare at home.

Applicable Area of Face 

Normally, Applicable areas are cheeks, cheekbone area, double chin, and jaw line which located more slimmer and V-line shape area. It depends on people's skin condition and face type. So, you need to have a consultation with the doctor first and they will guide you which area is suitable for you. 

Recommended Treatment 

We recommend lifting laser, Shurink with Contouring Injection. It really helps the double chin and uneven area on the face. The lifting laser helps your face lift up for making V-line shape. The contouring injection helps the double chin to remove the face on the chin area. 

Indication for treatment

- double chins
- Excess fat with no elasticity
- uneven, lumpy facial lines
-Fear of cosmetic surgeries

Before & After Photo

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