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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

How to treat Acne on the back in the summer!

Hello this is Renewme Skin Clinic. Most people are planning to have their holiday in the summer. Summer vacation is coming. How's your plan going? Some people have a plan to go to the beach, water park in Korea. Also, they are on a diet to lose weight for making the body shape. One of the important is body shape and other one is clean and glowy skin on the face and even back. Today, we are talking about the cause of Acne on the back

** What causes of Acne on the back? **

The cause of Acne on the back is sweating , tighten clothes, and taking a shower often and friction like physical stimulus, and dirty blanket, and even fungus etc... 

** How protect from Acne on the back? **

1/ Keep clean the skin 

After working out and excessive exercise, you might have sweating. The sweat on the skin mixed with harmful substances. When you keep the harmful substances on the skin, it makes the pore block and stimulate to the skin and it happened Acne pop up. The best way is that you need to take a shower right after sweating. 

2/  Wear loosen clothes, not tight 

When you wear tighten clothes, it stimulate the skin from not quot. so it would be better to wear clean and loose cloths that easily to quot and to protect it from Acne on the back and chest.

3/ Take a shower

It's not  good to take a shower more than one in a day. When you take a shower, you should use neutral and slightly acid soap.Also, you should use for smooth tower, not hard one. When you dry your body after shower, it's better use with the moisturizer to keep moisture.

4/ Physical stimulus

 when you use backpack or crosspack, it happens Ance on the back. Also, if it stimulate with the chest and cloths with physical friction, it make Acne on the back and even other body area.

** Renewme Treatment for Acne on the back **

1. Scaling
Skin scaling is a chemical peeling that exfoliates and remove dead skin cells. Dermatologists applies a light chemical peeling solution to remove impurities from the skin surface.

2. Extraction
Trained aesthetics manually removes comedones like black heads and whiteheads etc..

3. Aladin peel

The Aladin peel solution is a manual version of microdermabrasion which exfoliates the skin from deep within and not just the surface. This is done by the microscopic needle-like crystals contained in the all natural ingredient. 

If you are interested in Acne treatment, don’t hesitate to contact Renewme skin clinic. Check out the messenger for on-line consultation.

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