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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Clear Your Face of Moles, Warts, Age Spots, & Pigmentation!

During winter break, or while wounds heal faster during the cold weather, is the ideal time to zap away all the moles and warts and things on your face. And just to give you a heads up: asking "how much is laser for pigmentation?" will not result in a very satisfactory answer because different laser types are required for different kinds of pigmentation. Here is a treatment package at our clinic that utilizes the three most important lasers in clearing up your face:

CO2 + IPL + Nd:YAG/Excel V

1. CO2
CO2 laser uses carbon dioxide to vaporize the skin surface, or any skin lesions/skin tags. More than one session may be needed if the lesion in question is too deep, since excessive treatment may leave a scar. CO2 can be used on moles, warts, lentigo, skin tags, syringoma, and such.

2. IPL
IPL, which stands for Intense Pulsed Light, is a cosmetic photorejuvenation procedure that uses a broad ranges of pulsed light to treat wrinkles and pigmentation, and can also be used for hair removal. As for pigmentation, which is the main concern of today's post, IPL is not so much effective for treating specific, darker spots but is great for brightening the overall skin, treating freckles and light spot that are more easily removed.

3. Nd:YAG
Nd:YAG stands the laser medium (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet) and can reach deeper into the skin lasers than other lasers. It is an ideal treatment for certain types of pigmentation, such as birthmarks, tattoo removal, age spots, naevus of Ota and such.

4. Excel V

Excel V by Cutera is one of the most advanced lasers in the world, and works well on pigmentation that is relatively superficial. It has a spot-precision tip that can operate in various intensities, as well as three modes that work for vascular conditions, elasticity, and in our case, pigmentation.

Depending on your skin condition, the doctor would suggest either Nd:YAG or Excel V in addition to the CO2 and IPL treatments.

And as for downtime, the treatment would leave little crusts on your face that take a few days to a week or so to heal completely and naturally fall off. For the mole/wart removal, keep on the hydrocolloid dressing tape for about a week to prevent scars, hyperpigmentation or crusting. And it is advised for you to avoid excessive sweating - so sauna, hot baths, really intense workouts are a no-no, as are prolonged periods of time in sunlight. 

Take the leap and receive treatment why it's still cold and it's acceptable to spend most of your time indoors and on a Netflix marathon (for er, recovery purposes)!

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