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Friday, January 15, 2016

Plumper Cheeks With Fillers Can Make Your Face Look Brighter

Recently I uploaded a blog post about treatments for dull skin. To give you a quick recap, what makes a face look older and dull can be due a number of factors - pigmentation, dead skin cells and dryness, lack of elasticity, and such. To determine how to best improve a dull looking face, it's best to consult a dermatologist, and decide the best treatment plan for you.

Here is another treatment that is subtle but can help in adding youth and brightness for your face: cheek fillers.

"Why would cheek fillers make me look younger?" you may ask. "I don't want to look chubbier. I want my face to be nice and slim and contoured."

But what if I told you that cheek fillers aren't there to make you look chubbier; in fact, you'd need a LOT of fillers injected to make it look like you've actually gained weight or anything.

First, let's think about what would happen without the cheek fillers. If the following description applies to you, you might want to consider fillers yourself:

You're not exactly old, but you've noticed that your baby fat is disappearing fast. You're tired these days, maybe from studying, maybe from work, maybe from too much partying, but either way lack of sleep or rest has your face look even more sunken. Your face isn't as springy and tight as it used to be. This slight drooping, though not so obvious as you're not exactly old, casts a shadow across your face. There are no curves on your cheeks to reflect the light.

Or, you know, think about what you read in books or novels. People who've gone through great ordeals, or stress, look like they've aged a thousand years - this is depicted by a hollow, gaunt face.

Fillers can treat this by adding just that touch of volume to the cheeks. You look not necessarily fat, but more youthful. Here is as example:

Can you see the subtle differences? The extra volume adds light and creates a more energetic looking face. It can make your face look brighter without any laser treatments for pigmentation or skin tone. And it's not the treatment that is so obvious that all your friends and family can point out that something has been done.

The treatment procedure itself would take about 15-20 minutes, after 30-40 minutes of numbing cream. Downtime is minimal and you can go to work the next day - so whether you are in Korea for vacation, or whether you're working here and want to visit after work, it's all okay, we gotcha.

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