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Monday, January 25, 2016

Your Reviews Mean SO Much To Us!

As the interpreter for international patients, I try to do my best to make sure y'all have a pleasant and satisfactory experience at our clinic. Your impression of us, how you describe us to your friends and family; when all added up, make up the face that our clinic shows to the rest of the world within and outside of Korea. And as for me personally, since it's my job to guide you through your journey at Renewme Skin Clinic, a small compliment or a kind word of thanks from any patient is more than enough to make my day!

Here is an email I received from a patient this past weekend:

"Thanks for the booking! 
The appointment went very well (as usual).
I just want to say a special thank you for the awesome service. As you know, I've been to the Dongdaemun clinic several times in the past few years and I'm always very happy with the service I receive there. 
I love the "balibali" service and how quick and organized they are there.
I'm planning on going again next month to touch up my forehead so expect another email from me to book in the near future! 
Also I told some of my foreigner friends about Renewme Clinic (you may get some emails) and I am always willing to put in a good word for the service I receive with you guys!
Have a great weekend, and stay warm!"
I asked permission to post this on our website, to which she graciously revised her email to include more information about the treatment itself, and is not available for view at

This was a patient that had received regular botox injections at our clinic, and I was most pleasantly surprised when I received this email, which was totally unexpected!

Not only does her email provide useful information for anyone else looking for a reliable dermatology clinic to go to for botox injections; it makes everyone working at the clinic feel extra special and positively elated as well. :) Which is why we love it when you share your experiences with us and give our ago a boost now and then!

There's a Korean saying that compliments can even make a whale dance (whales don't even live in Korea, I have no idea where this actually came from) which I find is quite true! I do honestly think that the world would be much happier if everyone would pay each other some kind words now and then. It doesn't cost you anything, and it can lift everyone's mood significantly: tell your colleague how much you appreciate her hard work; tell your mother how much you love her; tell the staff at your favorite coffee shop how your latte is exceptionally delicious today thanks to him/her! We all could use a little more love. ^.~

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