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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Are you stressed out Acne or Acne scar now? Visit our clinic!

Many teenagers have acne and acne scar and they are stressed out pop-pimples. They touch and squeeze their poping pimples by their hands. After touching, they got acne scars on face, especailly thier cheeks. The pimples on face which they squeezeed  before changes acne scar and make pore,
and even other scars on thier beautiful face.



One of our patients who go to high school in Seoul comes to our clinc. She has lot of stresses and angonies on her face. She wants to have smooth, glowy skin during her teenager and even adult like other friends. Then our doctor recommend her to have treatments for acne and acne scars such as INNO-PLUS, and fractional laser.
After she has treatments for 2 times. We can see visiable results on her face. see? Can you see the result? our patients really like her procedure and process on her face. she is really satisfied her treatment and she wants to go out anwhere without no stress about acne scar on  her face.
She has confidence after her treatments. As she likes the results, we also give her big smile :)

Renemeskin clinic, we check his/ her area from acne and acne scar for each patients. Then we recommend them to have therapies like fractional laser, radiofrequency, and phtona toning laser, and IPL etc. So, we guide a suitable therapy for our patients to have effective results in RENEWMEW skin clinic. If you are worrying about your acne scars or acne, don't hesitate and feel free to visit our clinic! we always welcome to Renewme clinic! :)
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Line: skin0075
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