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Friday, November 4, 2016

Get V-line and Get confidence from Filler& Shrink

Most Women want to have V-line jaw and small face like me. I also want to have V-line jaw for having good appearnce compairng to other women. Most women are interested in what treatment she has in the pictures. We can see the diffence between before and after pictures. After the result, our paient love our treatment and she really gets confidnece.
Let see which treatment she has for awesome results. 

Our patient had round face and round jaw. She really wants to have V-line jaw and small face.
So, our doctors recommend her to have both treatments called Shurink lifiting laser and Filler.
 She has got for her forehead and her jaw each per 3cc.


You can see the differences of pictures. She got volume on forehead and V-line jaw.
Also, the shape of her face is more beautiful than before.
Finally, she got confidence and beauty after treatments in our clinc.

Also, our worker in our clinic is worried about her round shape face. 
She also has a same problems as the patient I mentioned before. 
Our doctor recomend her to have Filler and Shurink too.
She also got Filler for cheek and jaw. After her treatment, she really like it and she could see the visible differences her jaw and cheeks. Her face is getting smaller than before,
About Shurink, Shurink uses ultrasound to deliver thermal energy and tighten the SMAS, foundational layer of the skin; this triggers the skin's reaction of regerating collagen for natural and long-lasting facelift effects.
 Resylane filler  is a gel formation of hyaluronic acid, approved by the FDA for its safety and effectiveness. It is used primarily for filler procedures, especially wrinkle repair and facial contouring. It also lasts for more than 2 years and regerate collagen to make volume and help wrinkle tightining for forehead as well.  Our patients who have Resylane filler on thier forehead and chin are satisfied on thier effective results.
         If our doctors recommend Resylane filler therapy, patients are worried about having inapprocaite shape on thier area after treatment, they don't need to worry about it. This therapy is more proper for bulging thier area than Dermal fat graft. After you have this therapy, you would have more proper shape on your forehead like yours.
 Make you get V-line jaw and small face

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