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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Line Friends shop store in Korea♥

Hello everyone! Winter is here and it's so freezing outside.
People prefer rest and indoor leisure activity during the winter.
 So, my friends and I go to Line firends store in Intaewon.
I was so excitied to meet line friends and wanna get some Lined dolls or other stuff.

First, I met my friend  at Itaewon station exit 3. we can go straight until you see Itaewon 119 security center and you can see Line Friends Store next to the center.
The building is so high, so you can see Line store when you get there.
There was so many people line up in one rank. I could fee like Line is so popular in Korea.
Most girls like Line characters such as Brown Bear, Sally yellow duck.
I love Brown and Sally!! I was sooo excited to meet them.


Finally, I got the store and looked around the store with friends.
There was so many BIG brown and Conny dolls everywhere in the store.
we took pictures with Line friends. we spent time enjoying there.

I really want to have big brown dolls.
I found some interesting one that someone took and draw smile line on Brown's face.
So, I just capture it through my phone.
isn't it so cute? It's super dupter cuttttte !!! :)
My friends and I wanna get everything in the store.

Check the cuttie Brown's friends!
The store is displayed every brown with different clothes.
I love Brown with yellow clothe drawing sally in the middle of the sideboard.
I really wanna get it, but it's kinda expesive to me.
I decide that I will come back later after saving my money.

Also, I found interesting display for miniature for Line friends.
The strore is displayed mini-mini cuttie miniature with different poses and clothes.
My friends wants to get it, so it was not that expensive comparing with Brown dolls.
So, she got Brown with having heart letter in the middle one.

If you love Line friends, Visit Line store right now!
You can really enjoy your time in there.

There are also Line store Cafe. You can enjoy Coffee, tea and even delicious cake!
There are also have macarons which looks line Brown, Sally, and Conny.
There are many forieners and visitors from other countries.
Everyone who love line firends enjoy thier time in the store.
So, I really recommed you to visit sometime if you have time in Itaewon!
Love Line friends :) ! ♥

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